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The Sparks

Practice jump

Angie and Bella


“SPARKS,” which stands for Special Angels Recreation Kids, is a special needs cheer team of extraordinary children and young adults who attend inclusive competitions and sports programs across New Jersey to showcase and perform. They received the Governor's award, the County Executives award and many other awards but the most important award was from the Department of Disabilities "Salute to Champions Award"! Sparks was adopted by Bergen County Sheriff, Leo P. Mc Guire when he was in office as his official Cheer Dance Squad! Sparks is now giving back to the shore community by volunteering to shovel and carry sand at Point Pleasant Beach for a project to help raise money for the victims. Their new tag line is "We are a community service organization that happens to cheer"

The Sparks were founded by Deborah Wertalik and Tara Banuls. Tara also co-coaches with Danielle Choinski, and Tara's daughter, Bella, one of our littlest Sparks, is an assistant coach.

Putting the Pieces Together

The Sparks are a part of a unique special needs sports league for children and adults of all ages called Special Angels Recreation. Based outside of NYC in Lyndhurst, NJ, the program provides sports and leisure activity programs to anyone affected by any type of special needs in any town or county: From Tee ball, flag football, bowling and to dance and, of course, cheer, Special Angels gives more than 250 children and adults with special needs a chance to realize their dreams

PTPT and Special Angels Recreation was founded by Deborah Wertalik after her grandson Tyler was diagnosed with autism. They operate with the support of a terrific board. For more information and to offer your support, please visit: